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Avalanche Skills Training Courses

Terrain is a provider of the Avalanche Canada Avalanche Training programs, we offer the AST 1, AST 2, Managing Avalanche Terrain (MAT), and Companion Rescue courses.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (AST1) – This course is where everyone starts, whether you are new to the backcountry or a seasoned sledder, backcountry skier, or snowboarder this course is for you. It is designed to teach backcountry enthusiasts basic avalanche safety habits, such as choosing appropriate terrain for the given conditions, resources to support developing a trip plan, recognizing avalanche terrain, and companion rescue. Classroom sessions are delivered in the Crowsnest Pass unless otherwise stated and field days will be in the Crowsnest or Castle regions.

Current courses:

AST 1 Sled – January 7 – 8, 2023

AST 1 Ski/Snowboard – January 14 – 15, 2023

AST 1 Ski/Snowboard – January 21 – 22, 2023

 Managing Avalanche Terrain – January 23, 2023 Castle Mountain Resort

If the scheduled dates don’t work out for you and you have a group of 5 -7 contact us and we will work together to organize.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 (AST2)
You have taken your AST 1, you have experience in the backcountry, and you dedicate most of your free time to recreating in the backcountry—this is a course for you.
An AST 2 course builds on the foundations of your AST 1 and provides a more advanced decision-making framework for traveling in avalanche terrain. An AST 2 course comprises a minimum of 9.5 hours of classroom instruction with a minimum of three days in the field.
Current Courses:

No scheduled courses. Please contact if interested

Snowshoe Adventures

The Canadian winters can be long, so learning how to get outside and enjoy yourself during the snowy months is important. Keeping your fitness level up to allow a seamless return to hiking in the summer is a welcome reward for staying active in the winter. These adventures use local trails that will bring you to some of the best views of the Crowsnest Pass. Enjoy one of our stunning and peaceful winter excursions. Experience length 5 – 10km and 2-3 hour duration.

The series approach

At Terrain we truly believe that getting outside is crucial to everyone’s well being, the experiences we offer all hinge on this concept. Our adventures cover all types of terrain, all four seasons, and can be tailored to an individual or group.

Not ready to commit to the full series? No problem, each date can be signed up for individually.

Wellness Series

We all know how good being in nature can make us feel. The sounds of the forest, the scent of the trees, the sunlight warming our skin, the fresh, clean air – these things give us a sense of comfort. They ease stress and worry, help us relax, and to think more clearly. Being in nature can restore our mood, give us back our energy and vitality, refresh and rejuvenate us. Join us as we meander through the forest surrounding the Crowsnest Pass and follow up our hike with a short yoga session.

Mountain Strong Series

Do you have some hiking goals this summer? This series gets progressively difficult throughout the program to support injury-free progress to lead you to tackle any summit.

Summit Series

The Classic’s – through this series we will hike the classic summits of the South Canadian Rockies. Turtle Mountain, Sentry, and Mt. Ward are a few of the icons we challenge. Join us this summer and knock these classic summits off your bucket list.